brand introduction

By the end of 2007, China Crown Textile introduced global strategic partner--Turkey Zorlu Group which set up in 1953 and headquater were located in Istanbul, and was world multinational group company with textile, electronics, energy, real estate, hotel and many industries. Textile Model can be devided into two parts, Turkey manufacture factory Zorlu Linens and TAC international life zone.
Zorlu Linens textile group is a giant of international textile industry, specially manufactured and sell yarns, and family products. it got 21 factories among eight countries in global including Turkey in the world and was the second biggest manufacturer and can produce 600 million square kilometers textile for a year and every year export to more than 80 countries, and total quatity is 300 million dollors.
TAC were rooted from Turkey-famous family textile brand in the world. TAC fashion furniture products belonging to Zorlu group get more than 1800 sale stores among every country of the world, all over Turkey, Russia and European nations and area.
Textile model of Zorlu group is made from knowledge and creation and is a fashion pioneer with European design, product development, producing and market and retails. After experiencing a hundred more years, the first generation brand TAC, the second generation brand Linens and the third generation brand Valeron were born.
In the TAC store, consumers not only choose TAC family series products, but also purchase European top brand products, such as, Linens,Valeron, Sisley Casa, United Colors of Benetton and so on. Sisley Casa brand and United Colors of Benetton brand belong to Italian famous costume firm- Benetton Group. Benetton Group was set up in 1965 with taking producing and selling as a whole. It appeared with strong Italian style in 120 nations and area of the world, and owns many famous brands, such as, United Colors of Benetton , Sisley , Playlife and Killer Loop.
In November,2007, China Crown cooperated with Zorlu Linens Group, and signed a contract about development strategy in China for TAC International Home Beauty Center,and became the only dealer in China with five international top brand,TAC.LINENS.VALERON.Sisley Casa. United Colors of Benetton
brand design style and supplementary materials
Sisley Casa
rooted from the design of Paris in Europe and Italy,European advanced producing technology, and put dyeing and printing matched professionally.
all the products are independent to pack, and there are many colors in international design to supply DIY imagination space to customers.
fabric is weaved by T300 and tabby dyeing as priority.
United Colors of Benetton
rooted from the design of Paris in Europe and Italy, European advanced producing technology and integrated rotary screen printing technology and flat screen technology's advantage is beloved by Europe and Chinese yongsters, the type of flower can stand and walk independently.
fabric puts T200 tabby dyeing as priority
belonging to the third generation of TAC brand, rooted from pure European design, Turkey advanced producing technology. It accords to European royal bedding design, specially embroidering series to expose blood of nobility, tint series are the favour of European royalty nobility.
fabric put T300 damask grain dyeing as priority, fewness is the product of T300 printing.
belonging to the second generation product of TAC brand, the products all give priority to damask grain printing, and contain Modal fabric product design with high technology, and fit for the white collar people who pursue fasion products.
fabric put T300 damask grain dyeing as priority, fewness is the product of T200 printing.
belonging to the first generation product of TAC brand, and adopt digital printing and dyeing, the menu is nature and lifelike.
fabric put T200 tabby dyeing as priority